Sunday, November 30, 2014

Recently overheard at a yard sale

me: (sorting through a pile of books at a yard sale) wow, this book is huge!
yard owner: yeah, it is huge.  My kids liked that book when they were in school.  They thought it was fun.  It helped them learn history.
me: Oh!  This is a history book?
yard owner: yes, but it is done so that the history events look like newspaper articles.  It is full of pictures and catchy headlines!
me: This book is huge though!
yard owner: well, it covers all of world history even into ancient times!  Look, it even has headlines from what might have happened 10,000 years ago!
yard owner: (suddenly pauses and looks at me for fear that he may have offended me)
yard owner: 10,000 years ago .. uh… .unless you love Jesus.
me: (laughing until nearly wetting myself)
It was the best laugh I have had all week.  I am sure he thought I was mad.  I bought the book.


Zoe said...

That's cute HIS. I thought of those who claim to love and an old earth. *giggle*

Zoe said...

oops, *Jesus* is missing from that sentence. Interesting. :)