Friday, February 27, 2015

The Christ-Myth Theory and Its Problems - Book discussion

The Christ-Myth Theory and Its Problems, by Robert M. Price

Book discussion and Table of Contents

I feel like doing a detailed discussion of this book by Robert Price simply because I do not see much critical analysis of his work from a non-Christian perspective.  The usual disclaimers apply.  I am not schooled in this area, and I am not a professional critic.  I am just an interested and somewhat informed amateur.  As of now I only blog occasionally, so this long book review may take some time to complete.  I will update this Table of Contents when necessary.

It would be great if you could follow along!  You may purchase The Christ-Myth Theory and its Problems HERE.

(note: I don’t make a dime if you click on that link.  Buy it anywhere you want.  Or don’t buy it at all)

Click on the links to read what I think of the book so far.  I welcome any comments or discussions:

1 - Review - The Christ Myth Theory and its Problems 
2 - Review - The Quest of the Mythical Jesus 
3 - Review - Jesus at the Vanishing Point - part 1 
4 - Review - Jesus at the Vanishing Point - part 2 
5 - Review - New Testament Narrative as Old Testament Midrash - my initial thoughts


Dave Mack said...

Hi, there. Just letting you know I received a Google Alert about your book discussion. I am a co-admin of a group on Facebook called" The Bible Geek Listeners" (BGL) which is comprised of readers of Robert Price's books and listeners to his podcasts...mostly ex-Christians and a few "still Christian" according to a survey we did several years ago. We all get along remarkably well for the most part despite any differing world views on Jesus mythicism. We currently have over 1100 group members.

Just letting you know I have posted a link to this book discussion and hope it may bring you comments and further inspire you to continue blogging.

FYI if interested: Our Facebook group is located at

HeIsSailing said...

uh-oh. I better step up my game.

HeIsSailing said...

Hi Dave Mack. Thanks for visiting my blog! I am just an interested hobbyist with this kind of stuff, so please do not expect scholarly quality material here. But I do welcome any critiques, comments or discussions you and your friends may bring up.