Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Jesus Loves Me

Any god who may exist does not give a damn about us.

Imagining an almighty father gives a wit about us, much less that he loves us, seems foolish, naive, childish, absurd after witnessing the horrors unleashed on the innocent. This video is all the proof I need that this loving god simply does not exist. I used to thank Jesus for things I used to imagine he was doing for me. I had no idea how selfish, arrogant, self-centered, ignorant, childish ... again.. absurd such thinking was.

God does not exist. We are ants stuck on a spinning plate, tumbling at the whim of the forces of natural cosmology. Nobody is watching out for me. No divine hand will save me. No guardian angel will leap to my rescue. All the prayer in the world will not stop this ocean from being displaced on this Japanese town, and all the prayer in the world will not displace a single atom to my service.

Thinking and believing anything less in the face of such disaster is nothing less than childish.


D'Ma said...

Ya know, six months ago I would have argued with you that we do have a loving father and the this was all somehow part of his divine plan. Even when we don't understand it, I would have said he works all things to the good of those who love him.

But what about those who don't? And if this is god's plan it certainly is anything but divine. Now I scratch my head and wonder how I could have thought such things in the face of the many natural disasters I've seen. It is juvenile and asinine. It is wishful thinking at best. I wish we had a god looking out for us, but clearly we're on our own.

HeIsSailing said...

What divine "plan" by a loving omnipotence could possibly justify occassionally drowning several thousand people with a 9.0 Earthquake? One of the major factors that caused me to loose my Christian Faith was the Indonesian Tsumani back about 5 years ago. Only half a million drowned in that one. This video gave me nightmares when I saw it last night. First a raging torrent, then cars and HOUSES being ripped from the foundations - good grief.. then at the end, watching people stranded on debris surely terrified for their lives.. .... How a Christian can watch this, and then turn around and dare thank their invisivle friend for ANYTHING they think is this god creature is doing for them PERSONALLY... because they are God's FAVORED..... urghtghgh...ghghhg

I am angry, frustrated.. sorry it is showing. I need to get offline and go for a walk.

D'Ma said...

I understand your frustration and your anger. This event has helped solidify to me that god is indeed an invisible friend. He's the scapegoat of every natural disaster...either the wrathful judge who caused it, or the helpless loving father who cannot intervene because of free will, or the passive divine creator working all of this according to some plan. All of those options are reprehensible. I'd rather believe I'm on my own than to think this omnipotent being is looking out for my best interest. It appears we're up the proverbial creek if we're depending on him in this life.

DoOrDoNot said...

At church Sunday I noticed that among worshippers and worship leaders alike there was a strong need to affirm God's goodness and be thankful. It was clearly a reaction to the events in Japan. I couldn't tell if it was more due to a need to defend God in light of the disaster or a need to take comfort in the belief that God is in control during such a horrific time when everyone feels helpless (maybe both.) I know that I felt emotionally encouraged even as I was doubting the words of the songs I sang. I just found it to be an interesting response.

I haven't been able to pray myself for Japan, given my doubts. however, I've encouraged my boys to do so. Mainly so they keep Japan in their thoughts and feel a desire to contribute monetarily. All we can do is our little part in light of this calamity.

Anonymous said...

This is not Heaven, it is Earth where immeasurable pain and suffering occurs. WeLife is not a walk in the park. Why have you not learned this by now? Do you credit God when the human spirit shows incredible strength to overcome the impossible? When people discover that eventhough they bend, they cannot break and come back stronger than ever before - more self-assured and more confident than ever before?

Do not look soley at the event. That is a smal piece of the bigger picture. There is more going on than meets the eye.

secularwings said...

Have you seen heaven Anonymous? I know some people believe they have. Are you one of those people?

Anonymous said...

Hey Do.

I believe in an afterlife. Most people do. I have very good reasons for doing so and blind faith is not one of them. Can I say for certain there is an afterlife? No, for I have not seen it. Considering all that I have read, witnessed, heard about, talked about, studied etc. is it very likely that there is? Yes, absolutely.
One thing I will never do is start off with 'No' and stay there despite all contrary information that comes my way. That positioning is ignorant and illogical. Many choose to take that stance however, but I have a bit more courage than that. Life is too mind blowing for the end result to be nothing. This statement follows the knowledge I have attained and is not meaningless and unfounded.

I have learned to see possibilities rather than dead ends. It sounds like you're the type of exciting fella that thinks himslef right out of existance. Would'nt you be the life of the party.

Reason's Whore said...
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