Friday, May 1, 2015

Like mom. Only different

Nearly every day, I pass by the friendly neighborhood Skyline Baptist church here in El Paso.  I have learned a long time ago to make sure to bring a camera with me when I do pass by this church.  Sometimes they put up a verse from the Bible, sometimes it is to advertise an upcoming event on their schedule, and sometimes they have a direct quote from the Almighty!  I have written before about the signs this church has posted (see HERE, HERE and HERE).  I used to find some of them offensive, but now I just appreciate them for the amusement value alone.

Last week, Skyline Baptist had a real doozy on their marquee that I still can’t figure out.

Huh?  Can somebody tell me what this is supposed to mean?  I just don’t get it.  You would think Christians would be a little more careful about attributing direct quotes to the Deity they worship.  That presumption that they know exactly what the Almighty would say is just astounding to me!  You would they they would understand the implications that they have to speak for their own silent Deity.  You would think, but even granting this level of ignorance, I can’t figure out what this sign is supposed to mean.

I love you and I can be scary - like mom only different - God

So let me get this straight.  God loves me.  Like mom.  But different from mom.  And God can be scary.  Like mom.  Only different from mom.  And since this is never explained, I can leave it up to the worst nature of my imagination to fill in the gaps.  Mom loves me, but will torture me if I do not bow in worship to her?  Sure.  Why not.  The terrible implications of this sign are just too vast and terrible for me to contemplate.  It could mean anything.  Which means it will mean the worst thing I can think of.  No thank you!

The other side of the sign was another quote directly attributed to the Almighty.  The Deity returns to His usual self with a simple dichotomy that His puny creation can understand.

Yeah, that’s more like it.  Catchy and direct.  Like ‘Turn or Burn’!  I like it.

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Alice said...

"Son screen prevents sin-burn"

One my dd pointed out recently. I saw a sign on an old UMC yesterday that said..

"Everyone welcome, really."

I think their attendance must be down:)